About Kennel Sweet Grammy.

My name is Jane Andersen. I live in rural surroundings in North Jutland together with my daughter and my husband. The kennel is run on a hobby basis. In my childhood theree was no room for dogs, but I have always been interested in animals, especially dogs so for some years I missed them. It was not until I met my husband that we finally had a dog. His parents breed shorthaired dachshund.After two black and tan shorthaired dogs, the ancestress of the kennel turned up, "Aura`s A.G.Grammy".

I started my kennel in 1991. I have followed DKK`s breding programme and participated in a breeding seminar DGK twice. I have been a member of the North Jutland commitee for 6 years and I help with the blood track training. When it comes to the breeding restrictions, which come into force on July 1, 2009 about x-rays of the back. I will have the x-rays done.

My purpose with the breeding is to make clever and beautiful dogs which are also mentally wellbalanced and easy to get along with. I work hard to give them a long and harmonious life. I make an effort to find the right family for each puppy and give good advice when wanted and needed.

A puppy from Sweet Grammy:

  • is registered in DKK with a chip.

  • has been wormed.

  • is together with the mother until it is sold.

  • will be introduced to blood track training as soon as it is possible.

  • is taken out for a car ride.

  • tries walking with a leash.

  • will see other dogs and play with them.

  • is imprinted in a good way.

  • is provided with a collar, a leash, dog food for the first days and guidance.

My demands to the puppy buyers:

  • to treat the dog well and consider what is the best for it.

  • to contact me in case it is necessary to find a new home for it.

  • to let me know if the dog suffers of any disease, which is relevant for my breeding.

  • to keep the dog in a good shape and health.